3DSmartShop PRO ABS "White" (1.75 MM, 1KG)

3DSmartShop PRO ABS "White" (1.75 MM, 1KG)


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3DSmartShop PRO ABS Advantages

  • Made from chemically modified ABS
  • Insoluble in acetone
  • Less toxic odor
  • Reduced Warping
  • Advantages
  • Good rigidity, shock resistance.
  • Good flowability, easy to print.
  • Easy to remove support.
  • Low shrinkage, stable size
  • Upgrade version of ABS,
  • Non-Cracking
  • High Printing success rate.
  • Suitable for printing large models.
  • Good heat resistance and oil resistance.

ABS PRO - Printing Tips 

  • Prints at - 220~240℃
  • Print Speed - 60~90mm/s
  • Bed temp - 50~100℃
  • Creates very strong bond to build  plate using PEI
  • Print Raft: Not necessary
  • MFR (Melt Mass Flow Rate): 2~4g/10min

Disclosure - ABS is a more temperamental material to print with versus PLA. We suggest ABS filament for our more experienced 3D printing customers. We also suggest that ABS be printed in an enclosed printer in a well-ventilated environment due to the toxic fumes produced by printing ABS.

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