3DSmartShop PRO PLA "Grey" (1.75 MM, 1KG)

3DSmartShop PRO PLA "Grey" (1.75 MM, 1KG)


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PRO PLA is the best PLA filament available for 3D printing your most demanding projects. When you're looking for a tough PLA with excellent temperature resistance that prints as smooth as butter, Pro PLA is the material for you.

PRO PLA offers a third-generation level of material engineering for 3D printing. it's a sustainably sourced bio-plastic with an incredible eco-profile. 



1. Be harmless to humans, be friendly to the environment.
2. Low material shrinkage, stable printing size.
3. No smoke or unpleasant smell when printing.


1. High line precision, standard deviation of diameter ±0.03mm.
2. High rigidity, good glossiness.
3. Suitable for printing larger models
4. Toughness is about 10 times than standard PLA.
5. No wiredrawing problem.
6. No cracking problem


  • Working temperature: 190-220C
  • Heated bed: 0-60C
  • Available diameters: 1.75 mm
  • Weight: 1000g of Filament

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