3DSmartShop WOOD "Light" (1.75 MM, 1KG)


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3DSmartShop WOOD Filament is a material with a high quality of printing and excellent lamination. Made of natural ingredients, can be biodegraded by industrial composting.

Our wood filament is a composite filled with natural fibers. The material exhibits similar mechanical features as PLA. Models printed with this material have a genuine appearance and temporary smell of wood.


  • Aesthetically appealing wood finish 
  • Aromatic and pleasant smelling during the printing process and short after
  • Can be easily post-processed using standard sandpaper
  • Possible to stain after printing
  • Very low tendency to warp or shrink
  • Can be printed well at high speeds
  • Rigid, not easily bendable
  • Low brittleness in bulk object
  • Not abrasive


  • Working temperature: 180-220 °C
  • Heated bed: 40-55 °C
  • Available diameters: 1.75 mm
  • Diameter tolerance: +/- 0.10 mm
  • Weight: 1000g of Filament

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