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I want to take advantage of this opportunity to Thank You for being here and giving me a bit of your valuable time. First and foremost, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Teddy Quinones, my friends call me Ted and i am the founder if 3DSMARTNESS LLC. I wanted to reserve a space to share what exactly is the compromise 3DSmartShop has with you.

Our online store names is 3DSmartShop a registered brand of 3DSMARTNESS LLC dedicated to the and sale of additive manufacturing supplies (AM) in Puerto Rico mainly focused on FFF technology also known as Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM).

Our biggest compromise and objective is to be able to cover the needs that Puerto Rico faces, from not having local resources that would provide the materials needed for their projects.

For that reason, us professionals see ourselves acquiring products from third parties, making the process extensive and prolonged, and in occasions more expensive when we need higher quality products

With the new development of COVID-19 things get worse. We put ourselves in the shoes of our clients and we know the domino effect that the current situation can have on their businesses. For that reason, we have decided to make the commitment and take the first step towards a larger vision. We have reached out to various distributors and after negotiations and the presentation of our project, we were able to affiliate with several of them such as Fillamentum Manufacturing Czech s.r.o., ZYLtech Engineering LLC and 3DomFuel, Inc.

But it does not stop there, 3DSmartShop we are differentiated for provided great costumer service, quick responses, personalized treatment, professionalism and trust. We are not satisfied and we intend to continue growing and expanding our range of products and services, creating alliances with highly prestigious suppliers that help us satisfy the different needs that exist inside and outside of Puerto Rico.

I hope to be able to share with you at some point. Stay tuned and check out our social media to keep updated of all the upcoming projects  

Thank you for all of your support


Teddy Quinones
www.3dsmartness.com | www.3dsmartshop.com

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